A new way to buy and sell used cars

What is Car Want?

A new way to buy and sell used cars

How it got started

Car Want is a new and improved way to buy and sell used cars. And just like most businesses, it was inspired by a real life experience by Car Want founder Brenda Swasbrick.

“My husband and I found our last two cars the traditional way; searching through thousands of cars on websites that sell used cars. And it was quite a long, drawn-out process," Brenda recalls.

“The first car had been listed for five months. During this time, the owner periodically reduced his price until it was close to being within my budget. I made the call and the deal was done.

“The second car was listed for six months. During that time the owner did not reduce the price and I wasn't comfortable calling because the car was about 15% above my budget. I procrastinated for a while and then called to make an offer, which he agreed to."

What's common in both stories is that the owners were willing to accept Brenda's offer five or six months earlier when they first listed the car. This was because they were basing their asking price off what they saw others advertise but not necessarily sell used cars at.

“So it got me thinking … how many people out there don't like to call someone who is selling their car and offer 10%+ lower than the advertised price? And, how many people out there are trying to sell used cars for a reasonable price, instead of leaving the car in their garage collecting dust?"

And that's how www.carwant.com.au was born.

This approach really streamlines the whole process for those who want to buy or sell used cars, making it easier and more enjoyable.

It's fast and free, so you've got nothing to lose. Give it a go today. You'll never look back.

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