Matching buyers and sellers of second hand cars

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Matching buyers & sellers of second hand cars

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Posting an advertisement on Car Want is free, whether you're buying or selling second hand cars privately, as a business owner or a car dealer.

Car Want is completely independent and therefore not affiliated with car dealers … so you're probably wondering, what's in it for us? How do we make money selling second hand cars online?

Throughout our website, we've added Google advertising links. These advertising links make our free site viable. Of course we encourage you to view them, but only click if they are of interest.

How to buy and sell second hand cars

In under two minutes, these short videos show you how simple it is to buy and sell second hand cars on

Car Want benefits

Apart from being free, there are lots of reasons, which we will elaborate on in future blogs, but here are the top five reasons you should buy or sell second hand cars on

1.It's fast and easy for the seller. It takes five minutes to set up your ad and if your car matches someone who wants to buy a car, they will automatically be notified to view your car.

2.It's also fast and easy for the buyer. Rather than searching thousands of cars only to be disappointed you know that all matches you're sent fit your request criteria.

3.It makes the delicate negotiation a little easier. Because buyers request second hand cars within a certain price range, sellers only offer second hand cars within that price range. For example they won't try and sell you a $10k car when your price range is only $3 - $5k.

4.It's automatic. Whether you are buying or selling second hand cars, as soon as there's a match you'll be sent notification. There's no waiting around or checking back to see if there's new inventory.

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