Valentine’s Day gifts for the car lover in your life

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Here are four fabulous gift ideas for the man or woman in your life this Valentine’s Day.

TrackR bravo

If your Valentine is always losing their keys, TrackR have the solution. Basically you attach the coin-sized TrackR bravo to your keys and use the TrackR app to find them. Thanks to a handy distance indicator, the TrackR app will show if you’re getting closer to finding your keys.

Warmer, warmer, hot …

Looking for some extra Valentine’s Day synergies? The catch phrase for the TrackR bravo is ‘Your search is over’ and we’re sure you can romantically weave that into the Valentine’s Day card.

Lamborghini leather bracelet

Lamborghini is quite possibly the Tiffany & Co equivalent for car lovers.

Made in Italy from the same genuine leather used in the interior upholstery of the Lamborghini cars, the stylish braided wrap-around leather strap is enhanced by a steal clasp and silver coloured Automobili Lamborghini shield pendant.

And it comes in a gift box!

Sure, it might look a little wanky on the wrist of an actual Lambo owner, but imagine how fabulous and ironic it would be hanging from the rearview mirror of a lowered Honda Civic, or whatever.

Make it work for you!

Car show or race tickets

Sometimes the best gifts are experiences. Plan a nice day out for you and your Valentine, and create some lasting memories. You might even be able to pick up an extra present on the day.

A new car 

There’s nothing like finding a new set of car keys in your Valentine’s Day card. Your Valentine won’t be expecting anything more than the card and then – voila! The ultimate surprise. Start your search for a new or used car at

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