New Year’s resolutions for car owners

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Here are seven things you can do in 2019 to keep your car in tip top shape.

  1. Check your tyres

They could save your life. Check the amount of tread and how the tyres are wearing. If it looks to be uneven, you should get your vehicle’s alignment measured and adjusted. Also keep an eye on your tyre pressure – having the right tyre pressure reduces strain on your car’s suspension, improves the mileage you get on your petrol and improves your safety on the roads. Read more about tyre maintenance here>

  • Learn how to change a tyre

Flat tyres always seem to happen when you’re in the middle of nowhere. And, if you do have roadside assistance, it can take ages for them to get to you. Worse, if you don’t have roadside assistance, you’re going to have to coax someone into helping you. It’s much easier if you have the knowhow and required items to do it yourself. Here’s a how to guide>

  • Check oil and water

Accurate warning lights and the improved reliability of the modern car mean that checking under the bonnet has become a less frequent pastime for drivers. However, most manufacturers agree that you should regularly check oil and water levels. Here’s how to check your car’s oil and water>

  • Check your battery

The only worse thing than a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere is a flat battery – because you’ll definitely need someone to help you then. In this case, preventative maintenance is key. Every four years or so, it’s a good idea to check your battery and see if it needs replacing. Your service centre should let you know, if you get your car serviced regularly. 

  • Change your wiper blades

Wiper blades are an easy car feature to forget. That is, until you’re caught in a rain – and let’s face it, we’re experiencing some pretty crazy weather conditions on the storm front in Australia. Keep yourself safe during storms – change your wiper blades at least once or twice a year to ensure they always work properly.

  • Schedule bi-annual services

Check your owner’s manual. This will specify how frequently your car should be serviced and the most important components and systems for checking. Generally speaking, a car should be serviced at least every six months (and therefore twice a year). Of course, if you notice that your car is underperforming, this is a sign that attention is necessary. Find out what servicing includes here>

  • Keep it clean

Washing your car regularly – and the right way – will keep it looking younger for longer. And the more regularly you do it the less time consuming it will be. Here are 23 Ways To Make Your Car Cleaner Than It’s Ever Been courtesy of BuzzFeed> is where buyers and sellers converge when they want a fast and fuss free car purchase process.

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