Christmas gift ideas for car lovers

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December is the perfect time to do all your online Christmas shopping to ensure it’s delivered in time. At, we’ve navigated our way around the World Wide Web to bring you what we think are the top 10 gift ideas for car lovers this Christmas.

  1. Personalised plates –There are a variety of plates you can order, with options such as background colour, letters, numbers and style of plate. Find out what you’ll need and where to go (in NSW) by clicking here>
  2. Driving experience – Know someone who’s prone to racing around corners and speeding down straights? Sounds like you need to send them on a driving day. Find an experience here>
  3. Massage cushion – A fabulous idea for those who do long distance driving. Choose from those that keep the driver cool while helping stimulate blood flow or those that heat up and include a multifunction remote to control the vibrating action. Find one here>
  4. Phone car cradle – Each state has different legislation but in NSW, for example, you basically can’t touch your phone while operating a vehicle. This can using the GPS functionality pretty difficult. Find a phone car cradle here>
  5. Drivemocion LED Car Sign – It’s time to move on from the stick figure families and tell the driver behind you what you really think of them. This remote controlled LED car messaging sign offers 16 messages or faces. Buy one here, or Google for more providers>
  6. Funky air fresheners – We couldn’t go past the Breaking Bad Heisenberg Air Freshener… smells like strawberry, not like meth! “Perfect if you’ve dropped a few pieces of fried chicken from Los Pollos Hermanos under the seat or if you’ve got a slightly unkempt passenger often traveling with you,” according to this website> If you’re not a fan of Breaking Bad, it’s definitely worth a Google to find the themed air freshener of your choice!
  7. Car inspired cufflinks – Your favourite car enthusiast or automotive mechanic is probably used to spending his days getting dirty under the hood… give him a reason to dress up and look sharp with this exquisite selection of automotive cufflinks! Check out the range here>  Etsy and eBay also have some great options available.
  8. Car wash kit – You can probably pick up a pre-packaged detailing kit at your local automotive store, but if you’re a DIYer just grab some car cleaning products, an air freshener or two, throw it in a bucket with some cellophane and a ribbon, and hey presto! Some spare L or P plates can add the personal touch when applicable.
  9. Gift card or certificate – A gift card for the automotive store is a safe bet, but you could also go a gift certificate for a professional detail or service. Short on cash? How about a coupon for you to clean your friend of family member’s car?
  10. A new car – There’s nothing quite like finding a new set of car keys under the Christmas tree! Start your search for a new or used car at